Welcome to Chronically Juliann, where I blog about my experience with chronic illness. I focus on varied aspects of dealing with chronic illness, including its influence on my marriage, to the challenges of sustaining work, to the battle to be listened to by healthcare providers.

I have always strived to maintain a sense of optimism while dealing with my disease, but the continued onslaught of pain and other symptoms does take a toll on my mental health. Here I will work to be positive, but will never shy away from describing how I truly feel. Nor should you, if you are affected by a chronic illness.

My journey has been frought with ignorance by physicians, misdiagnoses, and what feels like unending tests. While this process has been frustrating, I’ve gained invaluable knowledge and experience in how to navigate the health care field. I plan to share my tips with my readers.

I suffer from a myriad of conditions, the most serious being collagenous colitis and adrenal failure. I required an ileostomy in 2018 to manage my severe symptoms, but I’m still struggling. I’ve experienced high-output from the ostomy resulting in hypotension and tachycardia – a potentially dangerous combination. I’ve spent most of the past year in an ER or hospital; I am currently entering my third week of being inpatient. It has given me ample time alone and I found myself journaling to help pass the time and process everything, allowing it to become a therapeutic tool.

I began to post my thoughts in extended instagram captions, but realized that platform is not the best suited for long-form discussion. Thus the beginning of this blog! I hope those without chronic illness gain insight on the struggles we face, and those with illnesses find support and guidance.

It’s an honor to have you reading my blog. Please drop a comment or share a post if it resonates with you! I hope to build a community for #spoonies, while also educating able-bodied people.

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